Celebrating 25 Years

Bertin Engineering understands that a development must be environmentally sensitive and aesthetically pleasing while optimizing form and function. Working in a collaborative process with clients, architects, consultants and public agencies, Bertin Engineering takes on the leadership role in making our clients' vision a reality.

Designing and creating successful properties requires listening to our clients' needs, making a thorough analysis and synthesizing all information to create that vision. With our consummate understanding of construction, regulatory and permit requirements and current economics, we are able to take creative visions and ideas from concept to reality.

Landscaping Services Include:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Landscape Master Planning
  • Streetscape and Urban Design
  • Park, Recreation and Athletic Facility Design
  • Open Space Planning
  • Soil Conservation Service
  • DEP Planting and Seeding Requirements
  • Buffer and Visual Screening
  • Digital / Hand Rendered Exhibits
  • As-Built Landscape Plans

Lighting Services Include:

  • Lighting Consultants
  • Fixture Selection and Placement
  • Computerized Photometric Planning
  • Municipal Lighting Specifications
  • Shopping Center Lighting Design
  • Office Park Lighting Design
  • Residential Lighting Design