Celebrating 25 Years

Nothing lasts forever, but there are life-cycle expectations. On occasion, constructed components fail before their expected life due to natural disasters (e.g. storms or floods), a change in the environment (e.g. ground water alterations, unanticipated applied loads or exposure), or improper assemblage (e.g. faulty design or construction). At random, a life-cycle can expire and a replacement system is needed.

In addition to determining what was at fault, we at Bertin Engineering want to know why the system failed. Regardless of the cause, Bertin Engineering first performs the forensic investigation to determine why the component failed. Then we develop the engineering design to restore it to meet the current demands of the project. By investigating the cause and source of the loss, we are able to design a better, longer lasting solution to the problem to prevent future failures.

Bertin Engineering addresses all aspects of the project from a thorough analysis of the cause of the loss, to the design of a repair that may help mitigate future losses. Our staff is also available to assist in the repair as an owner's representative or construction manager.

Services Include:

  • Inspect the facility to identify the needs and problems
  • Develop and evaluate corrective action alternatives
  • Prepare reports, construction drawings and specifications
  • Prepare permit applications and expedite agency approvals
  • Prepare bid documents
  • Evaluate bids and assist in contractor selection
  • Contractor Coordination or Construction Management
  • Observe construction for compliance with specifications
  • Review payment requisitions
  • Perform final inspection for client acceptance